1. Neck Pain And Herniated Disc

    Non-Surgical Herniated and Bulging Disc Care - 95% Success Rate - No Down Time. Watch this patient's real story on how she was helped by Dr. Jamy Antoine at the Minnesota Disc Institute. Kim Johnson had damage to her neck with pain moving into her shoulder, arm, and down into her fingers. She was in constant pain. After four weeks she is now able to take care of herself and is 75% better.…Read More

    Kim Johnson
  2. Severe Herniated Disc Was Healed

    Christy describes her intense suffering from a herniated disc for over a year. After trying every traditional and alternative form of treatment she started treatments at the Minnesota Disc Institute and it has changed her life. Today she can't remember what it was like not having any pain. She has her life back and is forever grateful for the work Dr. Antoine and his team has done for her.…Read More

  3. A Doctor’s Testimony

    Dr. Aaron Moorland discusses how care at the Minnesota Disc Institute has benefited his patients suffering severe back pain. One of the patients he referred to Dr. Antoine had severe low back pain, numbness in her foot, as well as foot drop. It was determined that she has a herniated disc and she had surgery. She was then referred to Minnesota Disc Institute and she is almost completely pain-free.…Read More

    Dr. Aaron Moorland
  4. Lower Back Pain Treatment

    Dennis has been with the Minnesota Disc Institute three weeks now. He has had pain in his pack for almost ten years. He put off getting help for so long that he eventually could hardly walk. He eventually looked at several traditional solutions and everyone that he met with wanted to do surgery right away. After meeting Dr. Antoine and undergoing treatment for 3 weeks, he is now walking and mobile…Read More

  5. Nerve Pain In The Leg

    Severe low back pain, 2-3 treatments I had relief. Taylor came in into the Minnesota Disc Institute with very severe pain. He had continual shooting pain down his leg for long periods of time. The pain was so bad that it dramatically effected the quality of his life. When Taylor started coming to the Minnesota Disc Institute he started seeing relief immediately and within two weeks he was pain-fre…Read More

  6. Disc Damage After Surgery Led To Severe Pain

    Lumbar and Cervical Disc Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc, Degenerated Disc Repair MN Disc Institute, Dr. Jamy Antoine. Jeff came in with a neck and low back fusion. This caused the discs above and below the fusions to wear out and he started getting zingers and loose of mobility. After treatment, he is now more mobile and flexible with a better quality of life.…Read More

  7. Neck And Back Pain

    Steve came to the Minnesota Back Institute after 7-10 years ongoing pain. He had tried every kind of traditional treatment and for the last four years before finding our clinic, he had been on high doses of medication. When he came in he had very little mobility, severe headaches, and he was in so much pain the medication was no longer working. After 3 weeks he has almost no pain and has his full …Read More

  8. A Failed Back Surgery Led To Severe Pain And Inability To Walk

    Amy describes her last minute decision to give the Minnesota Disc Institute a try before she was going to undergo her 2nd back surgery. After trying many forms of treatment, she turned to the Minnesota Disc Institute. Today she can't remember what it was like not having any pain. She has her life back and is forever grateful for the work Dr. Antoine and his team have done for her.…Read More

  9. Bad Back & Medication

    Rita, a recent patient, shares her review of the Minnesota Disc Institute and talks about how she avoided surgery. She had been dealing with a bad back for 5-6 years. She tried all the traditional therapies including injections. Her last resort as surgery which she has been trying to avoid. After finding Dr. Antoine's clinic she was able to see results within two days.…Read More