Rather than treating the symptoms of your pain, functional medicine searches for the root cause. Using the Functional Medicine Model, our multi-front approach to identifying the source of your ailments includes assessing your physiological, biological, mental health as well as chemical and nutritional balance and other factors that contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.

Functional medicine is an alternative to simply taking medications that treat specific symptoms and focuses on discovering what processes are contributing to your chronic pain and fatigue and correcting them to give your life back. Some examples of clinical imbalances that can cause problems include:

Physiological Integrity

From the cells that comprise your body to the larger musculoskeletal components, misalignments, inflammation, or structural integrity compromises can lead to big issues.

Immune Response

A hyperimmune response, reduce immune response, or an autoimmune response can cause you to experience a wide variety of symptoms.

Emotional Wellness

Is your depression or ADD the root of your pain? Or, could your pain be the root of your mental health symptoms? The biological body and physiological structure are heavily intertwined with your mental and emotional state.

One Condition With Many Causes Causes Many Conditions and Your Symptoms

Functional medicine is the practice that acknowledges that the human body and wellness is a continuum rather than isolated reactions. One single condition such as fatigue can have many causes — vitamin deficiency, low thyroid function, mental health disorder. And, conversely, one cause, such as arthritis, can cause many conditions that affect other systems — inflammation, autoimmune response, pain. Additionally, a symptom of one condition — take, for example, fatigue — can be the cause of another symptom, such as depression, which can actually be the symptom of low thyroid function.
If you are a little lost, that’s okay, the point is that health and wellness are not one-directional and not always cause and effect. A treatment plan that will work should address the total person and the root cause, not just a single symptom.

To help you manage your chronic pain or fatigue, the functional medicine team at Select Health Pain and Regenerative Solutions will leave no question unasked and no stone left unturned when it comes to addressing your condition. Connect with us to schedule your complimentary consultation today!