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Dr. Jamy Antoine



In 2010, Dr. Antoine switched his practice from a traditional Chiropractic office to a Disc, Nerve, and Joint Specialty Clinic after a neck MRI revealed six bulging and herniated discs in his neck. He had tried – unsuccessfully- for years – to manage and improve his neck pain using traditional chiropractic,

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traction, massage, and other treatments. In 2010, he underwent specific disc therapy, and achieved remarkable results with his own spine – and has been pain-free for over 11 years. Since 2010, he has helped thousands of patients regain their life and avoid surgery by using his trademarked treatment programs at Select Health Pain & Regenerative Solutions.

He specializes in these spinal disc problems:

  • Bulging, Herniated, Degenerative Discs
  • Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Facet and Joint Degeneration
  • Numbness in the hands or feet due to disc damage

Dr. Antoine has received extensive additional training and is Board Certified in Neuropathy.  Our Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Plan in Edina, MN offers specialized treatments for peripheral neuropathy – nerve damage in the feet or hands which can lead to these symptoms:

  • Numbness/Burning pain
  • Diabetic Nerve Pain
  • Leg Cramping
  • Sharp, electric-like pain
  • Pain when you walk
  • Difficult sleeping due to leg and foot discomfort
  • Prickling or tingling in the hands & feet

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Dr. James Eschiti,


Dr. Eschiti received his undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. He completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2002 at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN. Dr. Eschiti specializes in Sports Medicine. After Chiropractic school, he completed the post graduate program for CCSP and became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Dr Eschiti is also a certified personal trainer through the National Council of Strength and Fitness.   His hobbies include biking, hiking and spending time with his family.

Dr. Nicole Siddons,


Dr. Siddons is a graduate from the University of Minnesota of Nursing in both the Family Nurse Practitioner and Health Innovation and Leadership doctoral tracks.  There she also received a certificate for Healthcare Design. She currently works in primary care, urgent care, long-term care, transitional care units, and also assisted living.  Dr. Siddons is passionate about health and wellness. In addition to working at Select Health Pain and Regenerative Solutions, she also has founded Waterside Healthcare & Wellness in order to share her knowledge and passion with those she serves.  She remains actively engaged in improving the health of patients through partnership and collaboration. She loves spending time with her family and friends in the great outdoors and traveling. Services Dr. Siddons offers at our clinic:

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Services Dr. Siddons offers at our clinic:

    1. Joint Viscosupplementation: a procedure where a gel-like fluid of hyaluronic acid is injected into the damaged knee to help with joint lubrication and shock-absorbing properties.
    2. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections. A concentration of your own platelets that can allow your own body to heal itself.  PRP injections can help reduce knee pain, but there is also evidence that they can delay or eliminate the need for knee surgery.
    3. Trigger Point Injections to knees, joints, muscles
    4. IV Nutrition Infusions
    5. Direct Primary Care Services for all Medical Conditions 

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