Improving Your Balance with The Biodex Balance System SD

People young and old have the potential to suffer from balance and coordination problems. Luckily, for those suffering from these issues, Select Health proudly offers balance treatment and therapy with the cutting-edge Biodex Balance System SD. This state of the art technology is designed to not only improve balance and coordination, but also to improve mobility, agility, and increase muscle tone. It has also been used to treat a variety of different pathologies, and other conditions such as peripheral neuropathy.


The Biodex Balance System SD is designed to meet the needs of anyone searching for a solution to improve their balance, agility, and increase muscle tone. This state of the art static and dynamic balance testing and training is customizable to treat everyone from athletes to older adults. The Biodex Balance System SD has many other unique features, such as fall risk screening, concussion management protocol, static and dynamic training, and training for stabilization, range of motion and weight shifting.


How Does the Biodex Balance System Work? 

The Biodex Balance System SD is an extremely versatile system that can help patients with many conditions and areas of focus. The system features easy to follow touchscreen instructions to guide users through each part of treatment, and is simple to operate. The Biodex Balance System is the only one of its kind that provides fast and accurate results of Fall Risk Screenings, and its Conditioning program. The SD (Static and Dynamic) program features 12 levels of platform control for a range of testing abilities. The system also offers concussion management control, and extensive balance training including proprioception, range of motion, weight shift, and stabilization exercises. The progress of each patient can be tracked through the system’s data storing capabilities. The Biodex Balance System is both an evaluation tool, as well as a rehabilitative tool that can be used for everyone from athletes to older adults. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Balance Treatment? 

The Biodex Balance System SD is an effective treatment option for everyone, ranging from athletes looking to improve mobility and agility, to older adults who have a fear of falling or losing their balance. The Biodex Balance System may be the perfect solution if you are experiencing one or more of the following: 


  • If you’re an athlete wanting to improve your balance and mobility
  • If you’ve suffered from a concussion
  • If you have recently lost your balance and fallen 
  • If you have developed a fear of falling, even if you haven’t fallen 
  • If you take precautions while walking to avoid falling 
  • If you take smaller steps than you used to 
  • If going downstairs has become frightening
  • If you look for a handhold in the shower before closing your eyes
  • If you suffer from pains in your knees, hips, or feet that make it necessary to put more weight on one foot
  • If you have friends or family that are worried about you falling 

If you have experienced any of the situations above, the Biodex Balance System may be extremely useful in helping you improve your balance and coordination, along with helping prevent future falls. Select Health specializes in treating patients who are suffering from a variety of conditions, including balance and vestibular issues. Sometimes, balance and coordination issues stem from underlying conditions such as neuropathy. For more information about the Biodex Balance System and receiving treatment, click here. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for all of the latest posts and updates about Select Health!

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