Back and neck pain can be caused by a number of circumstances, including an injury or fall, lifting heavy objects, or improper movements repeated over time. Back pain can feel mild, dull, achy, severe, or even disabling. It can limit mobility and make normal functions difficult. 

Neck pain is different from back pain in that it occurs in the cervical vertebrae in your neck, versus lower down into the back. The neck is often left unprotected and subject to injury due to its mobility and lack of protection. Acute pain in your back or neck means it comes on suddenly, intensely, and without warning. Chronic pain, however, can last for weeks, months, or even years and is usually continuous.

Finding the exact cause of back pain and neck pain can be hard to determine. There are many different causes, from overuse to degeneration to sprains and strains, and sometimes more serious ailments such as a tumor or growth. 

Common symptoms of back pain may include the following:

  • man experiencing neck and back painDull, burning, or sharp sensation in your back. The pain can be in a single spot or cover a larger area
  • Leg numbness or tingling above or below the knee
  • Stiffness or achiness that occurs anywhere along the spine (from your neck to your tailbone)
  • Sharp, shooting pain that travels from your low back to your buttocks, down the back of  your thigh, and into your calf and toes
  • Consistent ache in the middle or lower part of your back, especially after standing or sitting for a long period of time

Symptoms associated with neck pain are different from back pain and are as follows:

  • Arm numbness or tingling
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sharp shooting pains or a dull aches in your neck

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Some of the spinal conditions we treat include:

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At Select Health Pain and Regenerative Solutions pain clinic, physician Dr. Antoine has seen it all! He is an experienced chiropractor with over 16 years of treating patients with serious back and neck pain. He understands that not all symptoms manifest the same way and that the only way to effectively find relief from your symptoms is by finding and treating the underlying cause. 

If you are experiencing any of the conditions listed above, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.